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Just Fu**ing Start

Just Fu**ing Start

Welcome to our journey of starting a business. The destination of this journey is unknown. The timeframe is unknown. The budget and goals are unknown. But what is known, is that it exists and it’s abundent!

What’s in it for you? You get not only a front-row seat on how I do things, but you have the unique chance of starting it with me!

How’s that possible? (You may ask). Simple, there’s no better time to start than today! Yes, that’s right, you’ve read enough books, watched enough tutorials, completed enough courses. You are as ready as you’ll ever be. So let’s start it together!

Week 1: Here’s what I’ve done so far:

1. Devoured the first few chapters of “Million Dollar Weekend” by Noah Kagan.

I promise to myself and to you guys this is the last book I’m reading until I reach 1k MRR (monthly recurring revenue).

This book is crucial to me starting this whole journey. Because there is so much emphasis on the “Just Fu**ing Start!” mentality. We’re as ready today as we’ll ever be starting a business. We know enough to get us started.

The main idea in the first part of the book is “NOW, not how!”. So start now and figure it out as you go along. Make money fast, create momentum, get the ball rolling, worry about scaling and automation later.

Come up with a bunch of ideas that you can literally test in a weekend (48h challenge). This way, you have 52 chances per year to find A Million Dollar business.

I highly recommend this to be your last book before starting your first business. Let this post/email be the spark that gets you started!

2. I did the coffee and ask challenges

The coffee challenge goes like this: Go to a coffee shop ask for a coffee then ask for 10% off. WHAT?! Yes, it sounds crazy, because it is. It’s unconfortable. You know what baristas will do? Reject you. And that is exaclty the point, my dear friend.

Get used to rejection with the small stuff (asking for a coffee, croissant, wtv). Then when you get used to asking and being rejected, you’ve trained that muscle and become a lot more relaxed when asking potential customers for money.

I did this si far 6 times, never getting a yes, and poeple most of the times were cool. They asked why, I said “No reason”, and waited. It was awkward, I admit, but at the end I felt empowered, like I had a superpower of not caring if I get a know, because I wanted it in the first place.

Noah presents this idea of aiming for 100 No-s per week. Because you’ll get some Yes-es in there too. Though this is applicable more when doing business, not buying coffee.

I also asked my dad for an investment (suggested in the book to ask your best friend for $1) My dad gave me £2, cheers dad 👍

Getting your first investment in, getting a few rejections in, makes you resilient and motivated enough to start your business NOW!

Keep on coding!