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About Code with Julian:

💻  Programming tutorials
📑  Cheat sheets
🎉 Code snippets
🎁 GitHub repos with templates for ready-made REST APIs, IdentityServer apps, and many more.

Along with the tutorials posts, you can find the YouTube videos, where applicable. There is where we tackle tough projects and break them down into easy to understand concepts.


  • youtube.com/codewithjulian
  • twitter.com/codewithjulian
  • github.com/iulianoana

About Julian:

My name is Iulian Oana (Julian). I'm a full-time software developer in the UK. I graduated Computing at University of Worcester and love building web apps. So, like many of you, decided to do it in my own time too. In 2021 I decided to record and document my process and show interested people how to do it and why 😌


If you have any questions about the tutorials, feel free to send an email over to contact@codewithjulian.com ✉️ or ask straight in the comments section of the blog post or video tutorial. I'll make sure to respond to the best of my knowledge, or prompt you in the right direction.

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